Event Rules for Boats 1. These Rules apply to all entrants of this tournament. Violation of any of these rules will warrant appropriate disciplinary action by Tournament Director. Any protest must be received in writing and signed within thirty minutes of final check-in/weigh-in deadline to be taken literally Acts of Nature can affect these rules. 2. State, Federal, Local Laws must be obeyed. 3. Entry Fee is $100.OO per adult TEAM, $70.00 for high school/ Jr team and 75 for kayak 4. Alcohol and Narcotics will not be allowed in the possession of contestants during tournament hours, unless prescription medicine. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on tournament grounds and at any time during tournament hours of operation. 5. Courtesy, Safe Boating, Sportsmanship, and Conservation must be displayed at all times by contestants. A U.S. Coast Guard approved chest type PFD must be on and fastened anytime the combustion engine is running. All boats must meet U.S. Coast Guard standards. Jet-drive, air-cooled engines, or air-boats are not allowed. Outboard motors may not exceed boat manufacturers rating. All boats must have an emergency kill-switch and must be attached to the driver anytime the combustion engine is in gear. 6. All fishing must be done with artificial lures only. Pork is permitted. Only one rod and reel may be used at a time by contestants. No trolling with the combustion engine is allowed. All fish must be caught in a legal and sporting manner during tournament hours from tournament waters. Contestants may not use any communication or video device for the sole purpose of locating or catching bass during tournament hours. Tracking devices inserted in bass may not be used by any contestant during or before the tournament. Hole-Sitting by or for entrants is not allowed. 7. Tournament waters are all public waters of the Sabine River and all connected waters. Private water is off limits and may not be fished. No fishing within 100 yards of launch site. 8. Teams may keep no more than 5 bass. Adults with a High school/Jr team may enter in a side pot for $10.00 paid at morning check in and keep 1 bass to compete against other boat captains. 9. Scoring will be determined by the total weight of 5 bass PER TEAM meeting designated size requirements. Minimum length of fish is 12 inches. Fish will be measured on a Pro-Rule measuring board with the tail closed. Ties will be settled by the most live fish weighed in/ or Coin Toss. 10. No fishing is allowed within 25 yards of another tournament boat without mutual consent. No tube, bank, or wade fishing is allowed. All fishing must be from a previously inspected boat. 11. No more than Two (2) contestants per boat allowed during tournament (except for high school /Jr team may have an adult to run the boat). All persons in a boat must be a registered contestant and wearing an approved safety vest when large motor running. 12. Check in will begin at 4:30 am on tournament day at Orange boat launch on Simmons Dr. (Boat numbers will be pulled when you check-in). 13. Tournament Hours and Check Points will be given at registration and are the responsibility of each entrant. All boats will take-off in a numbered order at safe-light from host marinas (unless otherwise instructed by Director). 14. Adult teams will blast off at safe light in groups of 5 followed by High school / Jr teams. 15 High school / Jr teams will be due in at 2pm for weigh in. Adult teams are due in at 3pm 16. Penalties: There will be a 1/4 (0.25) pound penalty deducted for each dead fish weighed-in. There will be a one (1) pound penalty deducted for any fish not meeting the predetermined size requirement brought to the scales, plus, a loss of same fish. Contestants catch will not be counted if not checked-in by the designated check-in time.

Kayak CPR Tournament Rules and Regulations The tournament will be a CPR Tournament which the total length of up to five bass will win. The payout will be dependent on sponsors and number of participants in the event. In the event of a tie, the tie breaker will be determined by the single largest fish between the two anglers, if still a tie the first submission of the largest fish will break the tie. Each angler is required to follow all Federal and State Laws and Regulations.  Competitors must wear either an inherent-flotation or Auto-inflatable USCG-certified PFD, either vest-style or Floatjacket. A belt-style is not permitted during competition; even one that deploys a vest. Any violation of this rule will result in Disqualification.  Alcohol shall not be consumed while on the water nor on Tournament grounds.  All species of “Black Bass” are eligible for scoring. The designation includes the three most common species: Largemouth, Smallmouth Bass, and Spotted/Kentucky Bass.  Each angler is required to conduct his/herself in a respectable and courteous manner on and off the water.  Each angler must use traditional rods, reels, and line. Only one line is allowed in the water at any given time.  Only artificial baits may be used for the Tournament.  Each angler must fish from a human or trolling motor powered kayak. Trolling motor must not exceed manufacturer’s labeled Maximum HP/Thrust Capacity, (b.) 3 HP, or (c.) 155 foot-pound thrust. Violation of either condition will result in disqualification from the Event.  John boats, solo skiff or other boats not labeled/ sold as kayaks are not allowed in this tournament category.  Each angler must catch his or her fish during tournament time only.  Identifier and kayak MUST be visible in the picture; or will be subject to disqualification.  Check in will begin at 4:30am on tournament day at Orange Boat Launch on Simmons Dr. at which time you will receive an identifier with a unique code for the tournament. Be sure to check photo criteria for proper submission. Launch time for getting on the water is no earlier than 6:30, Kayaks must launch from a public boat launch ONLY. No private waters may be fished for the Tournament.  Photos must have time stamps and GPS turned on, check phone settings under Bluetooth.  Each angler’s photos must be submitted by 2:30pm to TourneyX. Any photos not submitted in time will be disqualified; no exceptions. All anglers must be present at the weigh in (see location at the top of the page) by 3pm in order to receive their prize for the tournament. If participants are not present they will be subject to disqualification.  Each angler must use a Hawg trough or the Ketch Co Measuring Board. No other boards will be accepted. All lines should be clearly identified with a sharpie; if needed, to insure no deductions are accrued.  If the fish tail does not clearly arrive at line on the board, it shall be rounded DOWN to the next 1/4th inch mark; there will be no rounding up. It is the duty of the judges to be thorough with this and to be fair to all competitors.  Any violations of these rules and/or any actions deemed as “Cheating” may result in disqualification of tournament and/or future tournaments.  All decisions/ deductions/disqualifications made by judges are final.  CPR criteria will be enforced along with these rules to follow. (Please see Photo criteria under “Terms and Attachments” page on TourneyX.)

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