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We are a non-profit 501c3 charity organization

Hello friend,

Welcome to our home on the web. We'd like to thank you for stopping by to learn more about Colors for a Cause and our mission.

Colors for a Cause helps Louisiana families as they battle cancer by providing financial assistance for mortgage/rent, utilities, travel expenses for medical treatment, and we also conduct a Christmas Outreach program to help provide these families with funds and/or gifts for the children of the family.

We support those who fight every day to win the battles that will lead to victory in the war against cancer.

Colors for a Cause takes the equipment that our local heroes use on a daily basis to do their jobs and fight their fight and transforms them into large, mobile reminders of the people who struggle in their personal battle against cancer every day. 
Our project vehicles will be dedicated to a cancer victim and will be used to support fundraisers for cancer research, individual cancer patients, family support of cancer patients, and to draw awareness of the need for more research, funding and to increase awareness about all forms of cancer.

Colors for a Cause will make it our goal to support children first, then women and men as they are engaged in a courageous war against cancer.

Thank you again for your interest in us and our unwavering commitment to do whatever we can, wherever we can, for as many people as we can.



The Colors for a Cause Team

The Colors of Cancer
Every ribbon color represents a form of cancer that plagues our homes and communities. Colors for a Cause wants to support every person until we no longer need ribbons and cancer is only a distant memory.